Review for Let’s Eat Ramen and Other Doujinshi Short Stories

Review for Let’s Eat Ramen and Other Doujinshi Short Stories

81awTgAtWcLReceived this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I saw this on a fellow blogger blog, and I have wanted to read it for a while, sadly Netgalley didn’t have it, and the book isn’t out yet. And then, suddenly, Netgalley had this one again for reading! Yay!

The manga was really cute, I really enjoyed it. It has multiple parts/multiple characters so I will tell my feelings per part.

The first part is about a girl named Saeki, she absolutely adores, no scratch that, love love loves ramen and wants to eat it, however she is totally shy about going in, saying that it isn’t something that girls do. Saeki was a great character, though I don’t really get what the big deal is, if she wants to eat ramen why would anyone care, just go in.
However, it did bring Saeki and Hozumi together, something that probably never would have happened had she gone in without a hitch. Yes, I say together, because even though Saeki is really denying anything, she blushes and hurries to another topic when Hozumi is mentioned. It was supppppeer adorable, I do hope these 2 will get together for real. They share a passion, Hozumi apparently really cares and wants to help Saeki.
The first part was really fantastic and I loved it. There is quite a part about ramen, but also about love and family.

The second part goes in the shoujo-ai part as it is about 2 girls, one of them confessed her love to the other girl and got rejected.
I did find it a shame that a year had passed between the confession and when the actual story started. I would have loved to see that awkward period of them crossing paths and not knowing what to say.
The story felt a bit strange now though. The part that happened a few pages later, it just didn’t connect with me, it felt off. I was delighted for the girls of course, but it just felt fake, like it was added because otherwise the story wouldn’t move on. And the story quickly ends there. :\ Yay, this and that happened, and now the end. Wait, what? How, what? No.

The third story, my oh my, I hated the people in there. Hanako and Shibata-san were great, but I disliked how the others treated Hanako. Sure, she didn’t help much with how she did things, but to do that? That is just rude and mean. How could you say that to someone? Though with that ending, I guess I can see why they would do that, even if it is mean, I didn’t realise it was that until the end came by. I thought they were being mean because Hanako looked creepy, not because of that.
The ending/middle part/revelation was just awesome! This is by far my favourite story. It has ghost stories, friendship and much much more.

The fourth and fifth story (they are one story) were adorable. I loved both of the characters and also the story. I do love stories where protagonist read or try to read books. However I didn’t like the assumptions that our main character made. I just wanted to shake her around and tell her that maybe she should do a bit more effort to get to know the girl instead of assuming all the stuff she assumed. 😐
But all in all it was a good story and it had quite a cute ending. Though I wished for a bit more. It felt a bit weird, so this and that happens, and then suddenly this happens and then it is over? What?

But all in all, this manga is pretty cute and fluffy. It has some great stories.

Now there is one thing left. The art. I am not sure what to think of it. The first story had one style (and is by (from what I could find) Nagumo), while the other stories had mostly the same-ish style, yet still quite different. It was a bit confusing, as it felt like instead of 2 different artists, we had like 4 or 5.
I do have to say that I loved the art in the shoujo-ai-ish stories the most. While the first story had quite good art, the eyes were just really creepy. Though then again, I have seen enough anime with characters who have eyes up to the top of their head. Still doesn’t lessen the creepiness factor.

All in all, this is a pretty decent and fun manga to read. It isn’t long, so you will fly through it, don’t expect Ramen though, only the first story is about that, the others are about girls loving each other or finding friendship.

Would I recommend this? Yes, it was a fun read and I am sure people will enjoy it.


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