Review for Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters

Review for Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters

20821124I saw this little (well, ok, big) gem when I was at a bookstore last weekend.

This one was located in the second-hand part of the store. I just knew I had to have it. My boyfriend was pointing to the cover being a bit damaged/wrinkly, but I just told him that was no problem, this book clearly needs a loving home, and a few rips/wrinkles are easily fixed. Just a bit of love, clear tape and voilà, one happy book. 🙂

This book is super amazing, it is just brilliant and I laughed aloud quite a lot of times. This book makes the alphabet a fun affair again. Instead of just memorizing it, instead of just getting one word, or one thing starting with that letter, this book has short stories. For instance, A is for Astronaut and we get a funny story about Edmund and his wish to go to space. Sadly, Edmund has a problem, he is afraid of heights. And so all the letters have a short story to go with it.
I also was delighted that the stories didn’t end just there, the characters didn’t stop at just that letter. We see several of these characters back at other letters, making a small appearance. It was really fun, I would be like, ohhh there is the octopus again! Or hey, that cup, it is slightly different, but it has the same fate! It truly made the book even better and after the first reappearance I just noticed that I was truly looking forward to seeing the characters back. Would they make it back? Would they pop up again?

The book ends all too quickly, and I would love to have more alphabet books if they were all like this one.

The illustrations are really good. They are a bit simple at times, but I think that matches with the book. I loved the story about the question, where you could just see the policeman peeping around the pages, or pop up out of the page, it just gave so much more dimension and made it truly come alive.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book. Adults and children alike will love it, and I am sure that kids will actually find fun in learning all about the alphabet. No more boring letters, no more boring letters combined with an object. No, no, the alphabet truly comes alive with this delightful book. Read it!


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