Review for Sanctum

Review for Sanctum

18812716I finally decided to read this book, I know that in my review for book 1 I said that I didn’t feel the need for another book, and that I probably wouldn’t read it. But after a sudden urge for stories about asylums and spooky stuff, I decided to pick this one up and read it. And boy, I am glad I did. This book was even better than the first one in this series.

This won’t be a terribly long review, just a short one to express my feelings. I just don’t want to spoil all the stuff that happens in here, and a lot of stuff happens and I feel like it would ruin the book should I talk about them in details.

The book starts off just a bit after the horrible summer they had at Brookline, the 3 friends are a bit more distanced and it isn’t until a certain event happens that they get closer again, determined to go back to that college and to Brookline to find out the truth and close this horrendous thing once and for all.

I can somehow understand why they went, I might have done the same. Hoping to bury the past, hoping to finally be done with something, hoping to finally be able to rest without nightmares, or voices, or creepy stuff happening. Though, I might also just have said forget it and just stayed at home, hoping that it will just all pass.

The story is packed full of twists, turns and creepy events, at times I was truly creeped out. Most of the book however didn’t take place in Brookline, but let me tell you that the campus (with the circus/carnival) or the creepy town is more than enough to give someone goosebumps. There are a lot of events happening, creepy things, and things quickly escalate until it is full-blown wtf and nope, nope and nope. I love all the stuff we find out, the story just got better and better and more and more interesting.

We find out some more about the Scarlets (the group that is also mentioned in the novella), and we meet up with the most horrendous dude ever again, Cal, ah Cal, how I haven’t missed you. Too bad you are still around. :\ I had kind of hoped that mister drink-tude would have been thrown into a rehab for once. Or maybe he had done something bad and thrown into jail. Ah, one can hope. :\

I do have to add one spoiler, but I will add that under the spoiler tags, I just need to get this one out of my system. Of course Cal gets to be redeemed as a guy who just had this and that happen to him and thanks to something magical he suddenly turns out to be a good guy. HAHHAHAHHAHAAH *rolls of chair**sits back on chair**wipes away tears*Sorry, I just couldn’t believe that. Instead of being happy, I was just shaking my head at the oh so easy convenience of it all.

I didn’t like Dan that much, his attitude really needs adjusting. I got a bit tired of his whiny rant about his friends (though he wouldn’t call them that) at home. He just preferred his precious Abby and his lovely Jordan. rolls eyes Guy, you really need to readjust your attitude. Those 2 friends of yours from your school are great and fun people, and sure they might not get your humour, but does that make them any less of a friend? They try to engage you in stuff, try to be there for you, and you just dismiss them.

There are also various photographs added to the book, which were fun, though at times they felt more like a distractions instead of something good. At times we would have like 5 illustrations in a row, then nothing for a long time, then another one again, then nothing and then a batch again. Also I wasn’t so much creeped out by them, something that the first book did do.

All in all, this was a pretty good book, and I can’t wait for the third one, I am kind of curious what will happen in there, there are still several unanswered things, but again, like with the first book, it felt pretty conclusive and finished.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, yes I would!


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