Review for Shibainuko-san Vol.1

Review for Shibainuko-san Vol.1

9784812479254Received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this was just a big disappointment. I heard a lot about this series and I was planning on watching the anime of this one. Now however, after reading the manga, I am going to stay away from it.

Why? Because it just got boring. The joke got old. The first time our main character finds out that her classmate is a dog, and when she tried to tell her friends (and the dog), they looked shocked and I was laughing. However, as the pages continued and the joke kept being used all the time, and nothing really came out of it, it got boring and also annoying. There was no surprise, there was no element of “Oh hey, we knew she was a dog, fooled ya!”. Instead everyone everywhere, but the main character and her family, seems to see the dog as a normal person, and she is well liked. There are various times that the main character says something about the dog being a dog and everyone is like: Why do you say that?
I just got so tired of it. And this manga just seems to go on and on. At around page 40 I was looking at my tablet, saw I still had 70 pages to go and just sighed. Hoping and praying it would get better. Sadly, it never does. Not once is there a revelation that the dog is actually a dog. Even though some humans can apparently see it, animals know it, most of the people just blatantly ignore anything. sighs

The main character is a pretty bland and boring character, I wish she would have done a bit more about the whole dog situation instead of just letting it pass by her, or keeping it all in her head.

I also wonder how the dog is doing in school. Only a few seem to understand what she is writing, though I doubt it and just hope that they are fooling around with it.

The dog, well I am sorry, how can she not know she is a dog? What is this? Babe? Instead of a pig thinking he is a dog, this is a case of a dog thinking she is human? rolls eyes

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this manga at all.


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