What I Hope To Read On My Vacation 2015

What I Hope To Read On My Vacation 2015

Hello everyone. 😀

My vacation finally will be starting tomorrow, 2 weeks of delicious freedom and, hopefully, good weather. Before I tell about the books and all that, first I want to say that my blog will still have posts even though I won’t be around much. I have some stuff scheduled (both meme posts and ARC reviews). However, normal reviews won’t be posted, so you will have to wait until after my vacation for those to pop up.

Now for my books. I have been hoarding these books for 1 to 2 months, and I can tell you that often I was just so tempted to just grab a book and read it. But I reminded myself of my relaxing vacation with mountains of time to read, and so I have been pretty creative with what I read, especially in the last few weeks (mostly manga or library books). But tomorrow, I will finally be able to pick up a book from the big plastic box filled with books and just read. I can’t wait, since I got some pretty great books, some books that I have been looking forward to for even longer than the 1 or 2 month that I have been hoarding. These are mostly sequels or paperbacks that only came out not that long ago.

And yes, it is a lot, but I prefer to have too many books with me. I know with my first vacation I flew through my books and ended up borrowing books from other people (also fun, but yeah, after that I made sure I had a mountain of books).

I won’t make a list, I will just post the pictures. And afterwards, when my vacation is over, I will post another post and I will let you all know what books I read and probably a rating/small review.

First up, 4 library books.

Next all the books that I bought in the past few months.


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