Review for Draw it! Colour it! Creatures

Review for Draw it! Colour it! Creatures

26726843When I heard about this book, I just knew I had to have it. It features all my favourite illustrators and more!

Now I have another confession, I got this book mostly for that, I am not sure if I would want to draw or colour in the illustrations. I know, that is what the book is for, but for me it is mostly a collection of wonderful illustrations by my favourite illustrators.

And what a beautiful collection it is, some artists really did a big thing, while a few just drew practically nothing, which I think was a shame. I know, it is probably meant to motivate people to draw, but it is a shame when you expect artist A and get only a square and a triangle and a simple message to turn these into some animal. 😐 Everyone else is doing their best to make something epic out of this book, and maybe those who just drew practically nothing also did their best, that is OK, but for me it felt like they just didn’t care.

But in general the art is delightful and very detailed (especially that one with all the mice and the houses, wow, that must have taken ages to draw).

I also love that this book encourages not only colouring (as with most colouring books), but also encourages people to draw, to help out the creatures or humans in the book. Draw them hats, draw them wigs or hair, and we even have a few animals with stomach problems who could use a hand. It is all fantastically brilliant, and I truly enjoyed this book, though again, I will probably keep this as it is and not draw or colour in it. Maybe one day I will, but for now I don’t want to ruin the art with my ugly drawings. 🙂

All in all, this book is something I would highly recommend to all. Young and old will love this book, and as for me? I hope that we will have more books in the future with other illustrators/artists, as there are still a lot in the world that would deserve a place in a book like this!


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