Review for Epic Fail

Review for Epic Fail

9266776This was an amazing book, and I am so happy that I found it at a bookstore. It had its ups and downs, but in overall it was a terrific book with great and fun characters and a good story.

The book starts off when Elise and her family move to LA, they move into a super rich private school, and as you can imagine that is quite awkward. She isn’t wearing the latest clothes, doesn’t have the fanciest cars, and her parents are just ordinary, unlike the other students’ parents.
I was a bit worried that she might want to change and suddenly become a snob or try to fit in desperately. I even thought she would kiss up any celeb’s butt, as many at the school do. However, Elise turns out to be totally different and if I have to be honest, totally kick-ass. Not once is she fazed or bedazzled by the celeb-factor nor does she try to change her style. She just stays herself. And yes, she makes mistakes, she does some stupid things, but all in all I just love the girl and how normal she stayed.

The first part of the book is mostly about her and Derek and also Webster. It is kind of a love triangle, but also not, because for that I would have to say that all three of them are in love, the guys with the girl and the girl with both boys. However, Elise is pretty pissy at Derek (but he deserves that) and she really likes Webster.
Elise’s behaviour during this part, well, let me just say it annoyed me. I can imagine, she being totally new, that the way Derek treated Webster might have been not very nice, and might have sparked some flames of hatred towards Derek, but I wish she had just also looked around her. Because, after a while, we do find out what Webster did, and well…
The second part is mostly about Derek and Elise and how they treat each other, and it also brings some really nice moments. Of course, no spoilers, but believe me, oh my, it was nice.

The story itself was really cute, and while I can imagine that the battles between Elise and Derek might get annoying, I like them. They gave the book the extra spark. I was often just screaming at my book: Just kiss already!
The story also brought several other things with it, including prejudice, teenagers and their moods (what is up with Layla?), sketchy characters, and that not everything is what it seems.

The next parts I will be putting under the spoiler tags, but I just have to address them.
Webster, urgh Webster, he leaves a bitter and horrible taste in my mouth. I really liked him, I really did, he was cute, charming and sweet. I was happy he was so nice to Elise, but after a while I started seeing things I didn’t particularly like. And then when the truth came out, I was truly disgusted. This is Webster, so horny for famous people he will do anything to get into their houses and do very wrong things. Including drugging up minors and making pictures/videos of them while they are (half) undressed. What the ef is wrong with you dude. That is just sick and disturbing, and it is even more horrible that he gets away with it. That instead of those girls going to the police, that they just let the guy walk around, making more victims with each passing day. I do hope that he will one day get what he deserves. That he will be caught.

I didn’t like the mother of the sisters. Dear Lord, what a horrendous parent that woman is. Totally judging her daughters when they are around movie stars, but as soon as she sees one, she starts flirting, talking to them in some kind of super sweet tone and much much more. It just disgusted me. She was such a hypocrite. I also didn’t like how she kept pushing Derek and Elise together.

Another thing that was a bit bleh, and also something I generally don’t want in my books, is the instalove that happened between Elise’s older sister, Juliana, and Chase. Seriously, these 2 characters just knew each other and were insta in love, insta boy/girlfriend, and it was just a bit too much.
Later though I loved them as a couple and they were really really adorable, and thankfully I didn’t have to worry about Chase, I was worried he would just use her and then dump her, but he is the sweetest and greatest guy ever.

The last two characters I want to discuss are Chelsea and Layla. It won’t be long, I don’t want to waste time on those 2. Chelsea was a horrendous viper who deserved what she got. Too bad the whole thing with Layla was pretty much unsolved. She was a horrendous girl in the whole book, manipulating her way around and doing all sorts of bad things, and then in the ending that happened? I just don’t believe it. AT ALL.

The romance was amazing and I just loved, I was truly cheering for the people in this book. 🙂 And at the ending I was just swooning!

I am also happy that the author brought that character in the spotlight, I was worried we wouldn’t see them, but we did! And they were even better than the second-hand accounts we heard from people.

But even with those things I mentioned, I can’t give this book less than 5 stars. This book just pulled me in, showed me lovely scenes, nasty scenes, great and bad characters and it was just such an amazing mix that every time I had to put the book down to do something (because life continues), I just could feel it calling for me and telling to get back and read more!


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