Review for Goldilocks Breaks In

Review for Goldilocks Breaks In

23399220Well this was a disappointment. Just the same story, stretched endlessly long (seriously, how much longer will this story be stretched out? 20 books? 40 books? 100 books?) and with each book having a new character it is also not really helping.

Sure, I am happy that we have new characters, but I would prefer to have the main characters to stay the same. For instance Goldilocks in this one? She just was so stupid and frustrating. Constantly worrying and downgrading herself, or asking herself enormously stupid questions. The whole thing with the bear cottage? Shouldn’t she like, um, know her own story and know what not to do? Or am I thinking too simple about this? It just stood out. I also didn’t like her constant lock-picking and that she is apparently not able to open doors normally.
Her use of the same catchphrase also got quite annoying, yes, it is part of her tale, but was it necessary to just use it every time?

Why are the students (and some of the teachers) the only ones to know about Ms. Wicked’s wicked ways? How come the heads didn’t know it, or wouldn’t believe it when being told about it? What the hell?

I also didn’t like the magical friendship part, it happened in all the books, and by now I am not seeing it as awesome, or cute, but more as something that was added for the sake of it. Sure, I was happy for Goldilocks, but it just felt weird and out of place.

I was pretty much bored out of my mind for most of the book, it did pick up at the end (with some great action happening there and some good stuff), but finding out that there will be yet another book…. no.

So I am going to drop this series. Maybe I will pick it up one day when the series is truly complete. Truly done. Because I am guessing this one will just proceed for a long time, and I don’t feel like hoping it will be finished with each book, only to be disappointed.

Would I recommend this book? No.


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