Review for Jealousy

Review for Jealousy

17-JEALOUSYfrnt4.5 stars. This was a really sweet and cute read.

I was a bit worried about the book, I am not a fan of love triangles, and with the ending of the last book, I was thinking this would be totally about Lauren x Taylor x Drew. Thankfully, the author didn’t do that. Lauren was quite clear, towards both boys, what she thought of them. Drew is her love interest and she tells him everything, while she is pissed at Taylor and doesn’t want anything more. I was so happy that she made it clear. Sure, there was some tension, but Lauren stays honest, never does anything bad or makes a move on Taylor. Oh no, instead she just sticks to Drew and they have quite a lot of romance going on.

I am also going to stick to what I said before in other reviews, and I will also mention it when I am done with the last book in this series (unless they magically bring some more books, which would be great, but I don’t have high hopes). The ages. These girls are supposedly 12/13…. well I don’t believe one effing thing of that. These girls act as 15/16, they have romances that way way to advanced to be of that of a child (as I would say a 12 year old is that), they wear make-up, and there are just so many other parts that I feel like the author maybe missed updating the ages, or forgot about the ages. Sorry, 12/13 and romance + make-up and various other stuff. No, I just don’t believe that, so I will be seeing these girls for the real ages they are, 15 to 16. As that is what I feel is more real.

I so disliked Taylor in this book, especially in the beginning. What did he think, that Lauren would just jump in his arms? That she would scream: Yes! when she saw him? That she would be happy? I am sorry dude, it has been a long time, you both broke up and stayed friends, you just don’t kiss a girl after so many months and such a break-up. That is just a no-no.

The ending sure was a surprise, and while I loved it, it also felt fake. I was like rolling my eyes. Oh how coincidental, another person transferring, and it is that person. sighs But I am also looking forward to seeing that person roam around Canterwood Crest.

All in all though, this was one book that will go into the Best Books Of This Series category.


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