Review for Kimi ni Todoke Vol.22

Review for Kimi ni Todoke Vol.22

23522280Kimi ni Todoke, even though we are volume 22 now, it keeps surprising me, it keeps getting better and better and my love for this series is just growing with each volume.

On the one hand I am still delighted that we focus on all 3 girls and their love lives, but on the other hand, I would also love to see more Kazehaya x Sawako. Now, due to the fact everyone gets a spotlight, I feel that they are fading to the back. At times it isn’t easy to slide back into the various love parts we have.

An other thing that I miss is the kissing, the hugs. I can imagine this not happening with Ayane or Chizuru (due to reasons), but Kazehaya and Sawako have been together for a year, yet, it feels like they just started dating. They are really awkward around each other, they barely touch or do anything romantic. And it is kind of grating on me. I wouldn’t want full make-outs, but a bit of kissing? A little bit of holding and hugging? I hope the next volumes will get a bit more of that. A bit more maturity wouldn’t be wrong in this series, especially now that the characters are slowly moving from High School and onto College or Work.

But this volume was pretty good, we got a whole bunch of confessions, and best of all, something I have been hoping and cheering for, we finally have a kiss between two characters and a confession. Finalllyyyyyy, it only took them 22 volumes to get to this point, and I even thought it would never happen. But it did, and I was just squealing and swooning a lot when it happened. I won’t spoil who kissed, who confessed, you will just have to read the manga. 😉

Then the other big surprise was the Kurumi part. She is not one of the characters I like, but I can tell you honestly that in this volume she was amazing! She is sweet, nice and I loved what Sawako did for her. Even after all that Kurumi did, Sawako is forgiving and even helps her out. Now we already know that Sawako is amazing, but I was just so proud of her here. She is still a bit awkward to talk to people, but you can really tell that Sawako has grown. I know for sure that in the beginning she would have never even thought of asking someone who was so mean to her if they needed help!

Ayane and Kento? I just can’t see that going the way Kento wants. I am really sorry, and I feel terrible, but I just have the feeling that we will see something big happen (and not in the good way) soon. 🙁 It would make me sad, because I really hoped that despite everything, they would be a great couple.

The art is still really pretty, and I just love the backgrounds and how the characters are drawn.

Recommended? Yes, yes and yes. I would highly recommend this series to everyone. And also the anime, even though that one should get a new season.


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