Review for Mariella Mystery Investigates: The Disappearance of Diana Dumpling

Review for Mariella Mystery Investigates: The Disappearance of Diana Dumpling

245070034.5 stars. Another fantastic Mariella Mystery!

After waiting for some time, the book finally got delivered at my home! And then I found out that I had the American version (apparently there are 2 different versions, nothing big changed, but just that it might sound a bit different with accents and that stuff).

So I was a bit worried that Mariella would sound a bit different, but thankfully she is still the same Mariella. Still up to finding out mysteries, still being stuck with a highly annoying little brother of doom (seriously, her brother is pretty annoying and can’t seem to just get the hint) and she still has her wonderful friends (though I did wonder about one of them taking the whole solving mystery part a bit too serious).

This time the book is all about lunch, about lunch ladies, and of course about secrets. The book is fantastic fun, and I just love reading about these lunches that they have in other countries. Here we don’t have that kind of thing, so I always find it interesting to read what they serve or what they do there. Here we just bring our own lunch or go home during lunch (Elementary) or take our own lunch or buy it at a nearby store (High School).
I can’t imagine that I would want a lunch there though, while the lunches from this book sound pretty good, but then we find out stuff. shivers

The mystery was great fun and I was really having fun finding out who did it, was it Diana? Was it someone else? Was there a conspiracy? Jealousy? I can tell you I had some suspects, but the book has some nice twists and turns that make you lose a suspect you were really really sure about, I love that. I don’t tend to enjoy books were you already know the solution to all before the end of the book. I love a book that just grabs me, pulls me along, lets me guess, lets me in the dark and pulls me along even more until the stunning end!

The characters were still wonderful and I was delighted to see the girls again, they keep surprising me, even though we are now at book 7, we still find out new things about them.

I really liked the pages that teaches us about Mysteries/being a detective. From disguises to how find out stuff, it is all very interesting and I just enjoyed reading them, cheering a bit every time they popped up.

The last thing we have is the illustrations, they are still pretty and great and they really complete the book.

All in all, this is yet another part in this series that is great and that I would highly recommend. Make sure you read the books in order though. While you can also read them out of order you will miss some hints and you won’t understand all the jokes or little things that they say (since they do hint or talk about the older cases).


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