Review for Monster High Diaries: Draculaura and the New Stepmomster

Review for Monster High Diaries: Draculaura and the New Stepmomster

25011123I was super excited when I found out there would be more Monster High Books.

I loved the books by Lisi Harrison, and I was sad when there weren’t any new books coming out. Of course, I was also a bit hesitant, these are written by someone called Nessi Monstrata, I can’t find any information about this writer, so maybe it is still the same person, just under a different name, or maybe she still helped with the writing of the story, I don’t know. I was worried that maybe the characters would be totally different, the story changed and several things different.

But now, after reading this? I can say that this person did a great job, while the setting was a bit different, instead of Monster High and the surrounding area, this one takes place mostly in Transylvania, I have to say that the Monster High feeling and the way everything is described is just perfectly done. It is like there never was a break between books, that this one is just the next one in the series. Even the characters are just written perfectly. At times they might seem a bit different, but for 99% of the time they were the characters that I loved in the previous books by Lisi Harrison.

The only reason I am not giving more than 4 stars is easy, the story was pretty dull and Draculaura’s/the vampire drama got a bit too much and too silly. Yes, I can understand that your new family might seem different (they are more traditional, more the old-school vampires), and yes, not everything is so fun. I agree, but was it necessary to drag out the drama this much? Can’t we just have a moment of drama, some stuff happening and then cue the awesome parties and friendship? I just got tired of all the old-school vampires and wish they would get with the times. Seriously, bashing people like that? What is wrong with you?
I had just hoped for a nice, easy book about a wedding, with maybe a tat bit of drama, because that generally seems to come with the whole getting a new mom/dad/meeting the new family.

The characters, as I said, were terrific and I was delighted to meet them again. To see them again, to hear them talk in their funny slang that is apparently normal in their world (movie = boo-vie / best = beast / stepmother = stepmomster). Cleo was still bitchy and a royal pain in the butt at times, but she also had some great and sweet moments. Frankie was electrifying fun. Clawdeen was wolftastic. Ghoulia is still a bookgirl who just loves reading, no matter where or when. 🙂

Ramoanah (that name, I love it!) was a wonderful character and I really love her. I know, you might find me crazy, especially when you just start to read the book, but believe me, you will grow to love her as well. She is sweet and I can imagine why Dracula would fall in love with her.

I can’t wait for the other books in this series (yes, there will be more!), I will be sure to read them all and hopefully I will love them as much as I did love the other books. I am also planning on checking out the tv series of this series, as I am really curious about it.

I would recommend this book, though I would say, also read the other books, if you read this one without any knowledge of the world, you probably will be confused.


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