Review for Obsidian

Review for Obsidian

12578077This won’t be a long review, more of a short one so I can express my feelings. 🙂

I have heard a lot about this book, several friends told me I should read it, and lots of people on the internet were/are raving about it. I decided to get the 2-in-1-book that is roaming around and start reading.

And now after reading it, I can see the appeal. Deamon is pretty hot, and Katy is pretty awesome (and I love the fact that she reads a lot of books, squeals when books come in, and has a book blog). There is a lot of tension between the two and while I did get annoyed, I also kind of liked the bickering between them.
(Kind of, because really guys? Do you need to bicker so much? It just felt fake and off.)

However, and this might be very unpopular opinion, I felt at times like I was reading Twilight. Deamon’s constant, we are not good for you/you are not good for us/leave us alone shtick. It is practically the same thing that Edward kept hammering about in most of the first book. Add to that that she is apparently not even afraid of him or his skills. Add to that her clingy ways and her attitude around Deamon. At one time I was even wondering when someone would come in to play the role of Jacob (sadly never happened). Also as soon as they do something (you all probably know what I mean), for some reason they can’t stop (see Twilight and Bella’s reaction to Edward). In the end I was just laughing at a lot of the parts, shaking my head and wondering if anyone else sees it.

Also added the fact they have made fun of Twilight, and sorry I was just shaking my head. Still a great quote/sentence, but yeah, I was already thinking the story was a bit Twilightish and then someone asks about sparkling.

The story also takes quite a while to start up. At times I felt like putting down the book, but then I reminded myself I had this book for a challenge + I was really curious for the reason why people were raving over this book. Around the middle/end stuff happened, and my rating for the book went from a 2/3 stars, to a 4 star. And that is where it stayed all that time.

Maybe I will like the second book more, with the story already there, unlike the first book where the story just takes ages to come alive, to finally get to the point. I will be sure to check the book out, but if it is once again Twilightish and once again endless bickering without anything good, then I might just say no to this series.

Extra points btw to the Deamon’s sister. I really liked her, she was fun, energetic and interesting. She really gave the book something extra, and she made me want to read the story some more.

Some extra points for how hot Deamon is. Yeah, superficial, but sorry, I just have to give credit to a yummy guy (even if he has the worst attitude possible, but that seems to come often with hot guys).


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