Review for Penelope Perfect

Review for Penelope Perfect

51Jqua1FPGLI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

This was a terrific little book, I do have to say that I was worried at first that we would only get Penelope being perfect, or her going back to her perfect ways after a disastrous day. Thankfully, this was not the case. 🙂

Because that was what I had trouble with, the first half of the book is all about Penelope, how she doesn’t have any fun (at least, it seems to me, she is always hurrying and planning and doing stuff) and how she is quite uptight. I just disliked the girl a whole lot. Life isn’t all about schedules, planning and getting everything perfect. Mistakes are meant to be made, mistakes will teach you.
Luckily (though unluckily for Penelope), one day something goes wrong, and the whole day that follows will teach Penelope something special, a life lesson that she really had to learn. The second part Penelope was funny and really nice, and I was cheering for her to discover the new ways to live her life. To find joy in the smallest things, to find out that you don’t need tight schedules, but that you can have fun and make friends, while still trying your best in life. Of course I also felt sorry for her a bit, because I can imagine how much change it is to suddenly not being as perfect, or to get a grade that you didn’t think you would ever get.

The story was really nice, and I think this will be a great book for everyone, though maybe mostly for those that are perfectionists, it might be a nice eye-opener to people.

The illustrations are absolutely adorable and beautiful. I think it would look better in paper form than it did in the ebook form, because now the pages were chopped up in two to fit. I think in paper form it will be a true delight to check out these pages and see them together. The colours are vibrant, the art style is playful and fun. I really loved it.

The book also concludes by giving reading discussion stuff, and also some tips and hints about perfectionism and anxiety. It was nice that this is added.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would. Beautiful illustrations, a great story with a lesson to learn, a nice character (well at least at second part).


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