Review for Popular

Review for Popular

12931202Wow, this book wasn’t as good as the first book. I expected lots of horse riding, boarding school stuff, fun friend things.

Instead it was 55% drama (either between Khloe and Lauren or Lauren/Khloe/Riley), 25% Drew, 5% horses, 5% homework and 10% friendship. I really can’t give it more than 2 stars. I was just shaking my head at a lot of things. For instance the whole Khloe and Lauren situation? I don’t get what all the drama is about. They have known each other for like a week, Lauren kept a secret (which I wouldn’t even call a secret, considering what horse riding is all about) and the whole book they are hot, cold, hot, cold, and we don’t even understand why. Lauren keeps running to her other friends to talk about Khloe, instead of going to Khloe and just confront her. Khloe is acting all sorts of weird for some magical reason, that we don’t even find out in this book.
But, at times they are besties and buddies and love each other a lot, and then the next day, BAM weirdness again. Seriously, can you two just work it out, or figure out what you want? Thanks!

Luckily, unlike the previous book, Lauren has a favourite shade of blue, and she sticks to that. Thankfully, because the next book that colour changed with each chapter. Light blue, sky blue, ice blue and many more. At times I felt like I was reading 50 shades of blue instead of a book about horses.

And that is what I missed from this book so much, the whole riding and horses part. There are some parts, but they are sparse and I really wish we had more. This book is (I may hope) about horses and boarding school. I love the parts with the horses and it is so much fun to see Whisper getting better and better at things, to see her react to Lauren and her instructions. They make such a good pair! I am sure they they can only get better and will win a lot of competitions.

Riley, urgh, I so hate that girl. Can we just get rid of her? With her stereotypical popular mean girl bitchiness? It is just ruining the book.

The parts with Drew were adorable and I really enjoyed reading those, I hope that we will have some more Drew in the next books.

Also no offence, but is Cole really a guy? Or is he a girl? I have to keep going back and forth to see if he was a guy or not. Sorry, but guys don’t squeal when girls tell them about hot boys and going on dates. They just don’t. Believe me, they don’t. And telling they would have died if they were in the same situation (the whole picture making thing). What? What is up with Cole? Again no offence, but it just was weird, and I thought he was a she until well, this book. Yes, even with the constant he and his stuff, I just didn’t process those I think.

I will still keep on reading this series, hoping this silly drama will leave the building in the next book, and otherwise I will just read the first part of the series (books 1 to 12) and hope that part is better.


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