What I Hope To Read October 2015

What I Hope To Read October 2015

Hi everyone!

Autumn has now truly come, the trees are starting to lose their green colour, the weather is becoming a bit colder. But I have to say that I love this season. During the cold and wet days/nights you can now snuggle up in a super warm quilt, with a steaming cup of tea or hot chocolate next to you, while reading an exciting book. Yeah, I love autumn.

This month also brings us Halloween, while it is a thing we don’t really celebrate in my country, I still try to do something special for this month. I will be reading more horror-themed books, watch horror shows and movies, and even get some special Halloween sweets if I can find them here. Like last year, I found pumpkin-shaped marshmallows sprinkled with sugar. Sooo delicious.

This month brings quite a few new books that I just want to read, and some books that I am just dying to read (I am looking at you Carry On, A Mad Zombie Party, Happily Ever After). Let’s get started, shall we?




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