What Did I Read During My Vacation 2015?

What Did I Read During My Vacation 2015?

Hello everyone!!

2 weeks ago I spoke of my vacation, of the books I wanted to read and that I had posts scheduled for you all! I am back from vacation, and as you could have seen by the one review I posted today, I am back again! I had an amazing, relaxing, and delightful vacation filled with books, games, trips to fun/interesting places (everyone should visit Pieterburen) and a whole lot more. Though sadly the second week of my vacation was quite wet with a lot of rain and a few storms. Now I can hear you say, why is that such a bother? It is if you are camping. 🙂 Even in a tent it gets a bit boring to stay inside all the time, and while I had some trips to some museums or inside stuff, we mostly spend time inside. Luckily, we had an amazing first week, with lots of sun (which also meant swimming in the huge lake that was located at the camping site).

I have read 2 books while at a book store (picture books that looked interesting) so those won’t be listed in pictures, just like the 2 ebooks I read. I also bought a few books, I will post a picture of those, and I will use the picture I used for the Vacation post, just this time, the books I read are striked-through. If they have an X, it means I tried them and didn’t like them. Sadly, I found out that one book that I was looking forward to was the wrong one, I needed book 3 and I had with me book 2. The library books were hit and miss, that is why I didn’t finish/read them all.

In total I read 24 books this vacation! The books not listed in this post are: Slasher Girls & Monster Boys, Return to the Dark House, Het hondje dat Nino niet had, Hoe je een wollige mammoet moet wassen in tien lessen.

Here we go~


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