October Horror Month 2015

October Horror Month 2015


Hello everyone!

October is one of my favourite months in the year. It brings us autumn, and beautiful fall colours, but it is also the month of Halloween. While Halloween isn’t celebrated (or at least not a holiday/big holiday) in my country, I do tend to do something special this month, as I really do love Halloween.

I already got some special Halloween candy (and will buy some more, if I can find it). But this month also means I will focus and try to read a lot of scary or paranormal books (and also movies/series). I already got a stack of books I am just dying to read, and I have been eagerly waiting to start these books.

My first book for this month will be a Goosebumps book, I thought I would start off with a bang, and what is better than a book by the King of Horror, R.L. Stine. After that I want to (re)read a graphic novel by Emily Carroll, and then I am probably going to read another R.L. Stine book. After that? Well, that depends on my mood. There are so many horror/paranormal books out there, and I am excited to fill my month with them.

After this month (so in November) I will post a list of the books I read this month that were horror/paranormal.

What are your plans for this October month? Are you all reading more horror/paranormal themed books as well? Or do you do something else that is special?

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