Review for A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice

Review for A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice

original-19693-1443220429-3This was an amazingly creative book, guinea pigs for the win.

I absolutely have nothing with the original Pride And Prejudice, if anything I tried reading it, and dropped it quite fast. But I still love reading books like this, which turn a boring book inside out and make something awesome out of it. Plus I just love guinea pigs! They are super adorable!

Because that is what this book did. It made something that is utterly boring and a snoozefest into a book of fun and love. Each 2 pages feature a small part of the Pride and Prejudice book, and on the right side you would have one or two guinea pigs in costume with a small dialogue part at the bottom of the page. It is absolutely adorable and I was just squealing at the cuteness of these little critters.

Of course, since this is only 50 pages, the story is really condensed to just the basic story, but I have to say that I like that. You know what happened in the story, you know what happened to Jane, Elizabeth, Darcy, without having to go through endless pages of talking and boringness.

I love the idea of using Guinea Pigs for this, dressing them up, and letting them act parts of the story. I hope that this author/photographer will be making more books, maybe with different animals, though I wouldn’t mind guinea pigs only books. 🙂

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it is a really nice book and very creative. Young and old will love it.


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