Review for A Pirate’s Guide to Landlubbing

Review for A Pirate’s Guide to Landlubbing

81fLC8l1PNLI was pre-ordering the third book from this series, when I found out about the existence of the third book through Twitter, and while I was pre-ordering this one was under the “Customers also bought” part, and I just knew I had to have this book.

This isn’t a long book, it is quite short, but even short, it was just a fantastic read. A nice snack during a hectic day, or just when you are in need for a small book to enjoy.

This is also a companion book to the series, so I would highly recommend that people first read at least the first book and the picture book before starting this one. As the book is all about Jim’s experience in Dull-on-Sea, and tips for other pirates in case they might also want to try out the landlubbing business in Dull-on-Sea.

The book contains a bit of history on Dull-on-Sea (yes, it is pretty dull :)), there are tips on how to behave, what stuff you would need and don’t need to do. About the various attractions (not that many) in Dull-on-Sea.

Most of the book is from the POV of Jim, but we also have some small bits by other people.

The book is peppered with illustrations, they make the book even better and even when you are done reading, you can often just keep on watching the illustrations.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, yes I would, it is a fun little companion book to the series and if you love the series, you just can’t let this one be unread.


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