Review for As They Rise

Review for As They Rise

256353104.5 stars. This was one heck of an awesome first book!

The book starts off with the zombie apocalypse, but we soon switch to how it all began. How the infection spread, and how our 4 characters (with Eva as the main character) lived their lives before everything, hoping the infection wouldn’t spread to their city. I just loved the confession part at the beginning, they really have a chemistry, but I could also imagine why Eva said what she did. And then we switch to the next day, a day that seems fairly normal, but it is so eerily quiet, and I just knew something was off. These characters live in a big city, with lots of people, and no one is out on the street? I just had a bad feeling, I knew the end of the world was starting, or had already started. I loved that the author wrote the beginning of the apocalypse like this. Not like how so many other books start, with dead running around, chaos everywhere. No, this book just starts off with the most perfect way to start a book like this, with silence, with the occasional scary person (however they didn’t know they were infected) wandering around, and then when it is all too late, and the infection hits full force.

I had goosebumps all over me while reading this. The zombies are creepy, the characters are strong but you can just feel their fear, their anxiety, the knowledge that they might die any moment. The realization that life as they know it is just gone, might never return. They will need to fight, need to survive, need to work together to get through this apocalypse. The author did a good job. Lighting up the mood at times with some romance, or silly things, but you can still feel the zombie fear hiding in the corners of those moments. Knowing that those moments will just pass, that it is just a second or so away from it all, it just gives this book an extra creepy factor.

The story progresses in a good pace, and like I said, I just love the characters. They are really great, each of them have something that makes them really likeable, and you just don’t want to lose them. You don’t want them to die. You want them all to survive.

There is also romance, but I didn’t mind it, if anything I loved it, and how it was written was just wonderful.

All in all, this is the perfect read for Halloween. It is a bit short, but it only chronicles the first day of the apocalypse, the first day in a new hell. I would recommend this book, and as for me, I will be reading the other 2 books soon. I am still hoping that they will come out in paperback one day, I would love to add these books to my collection.


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