Review for Before It Fades

Review for Before It Fades

25765325And so the series ends, I will really miss it, but I wouldn’t want another book. For me the series is concluded, it is finished, and it has a perfect ending.

This book, like the second book, continues where the other one left off. Right after all that happened at Elliot’s place, and instead of some quiet time from all the craziness, the zombies, the death, we are instantly thrown into a new situation, one I wasn’t really expecting, one I was hoping wouldn’t happen. But it still fitting and I am kind of happy it was added. However, it brought the book/series to a newer level, one with even less believability. Yes, the book is about zombies, but what happens in this one… well let me just say it was at times just highly unbelievable and while I did like it (kind of), it still felt like the book could have done without it.

The book is quite exciting, with Eva being separated from her friends, miles away from Sydney (where they were heading), miles away from any chance of getting out of her country. Luckily, Eva is a kick-ass girl and she will get to that boat even if it will cost her. I love her dedication. Even if she was alone, even when times were desperate, she kept going. She pushed herself forward. Many people would have given up. Would have just sat down, and died. Not Eva though, she has a few moments of desperateness, but she quickly defeats the dark demons and gets going.

And we have several new people in this book. We have Lea, who is searching for her girlfriend and who is totally kick-ass. We have 3 other people, including one character I didn’t like.

Half of the book is Eva (and whoever she met) trying to get to boat, the other part is about the time on the boats. The realization about the zombies, the truth about the virus and the how and why it happened.

Even though I feel this isn’t a true spoiler, I will tag it as such just in case. Since it was quite obvious from the beginning, but Eva meets with her friends again, and I just loved the reunion with Wyatt. They are such a cute couple and just deserve to be together forever.

The time on the boat isn’t always paradise, and I really loved the parts that took place on the boat, especially the later parts. I didn’t particularly like the photographer though. I get it is his job, but like Eva said, he is also human and should look further than just the prospect of money.

Though I must say I was just shaking at the stupidity of the people on the boat. Really? You thought that was a brilliant idea? I know you are doing it for this and that, but I don’t think bringing that on board is such a great idea. Nope, not at all.

The ending? It was perfection and I just loved it so much. The interview near the end just gave the book something extra and I love that it was added. With that I can up the rating from a 4 stars to a 4.5 stars.

Again, I wish I could add these books to my collection (bookshelves), but I guess for now I will have to do with having read them, and loved them.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone, just like I would also recommend this whole series. Be warned, start with one and you won’t be able to stop.


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