Review for Famous

Review for Famous

16074831While this one was one of the best in this series, I am also terribly sad. Now the series is truly over. Luckily, I still got Sasha’s books, but I am sad that Lauren’s saga is over.

She didn’t even have a long part in this series. Sasha has 12 books, and then Lauren only gets 6? Why? I am sure Lauren could have had a longer book part, she still has so many things to do. YENT, getting into a team higher, I wanted to see more romance between her and Drew, but yet, that is all apparently not relevant, because the series ends with this book. I don’t think we will ever get any more books, it was pretty conclusive, even with all there is still left, the ending felt finished (though that is more how it was written).

Of course I won’t tell you what happened at the end, you will just have to find out. It was kind of a disappointing end, it felt a bit rushed with all kinds of stuff magically happen that I found a bit to suspiciously easy.

This book is still chock-full of drama with Brielle and Taylor having a secret, which Lauren finds out, which breaks her heart. And while I found it a bit too dramatical, and a bit weirdly added (those who read it might understand what I am talking about), it also matched the book and the style of how the Lauren books were written.

The romance between her and Drew, oh my, I just loved those soooooo much. It was just perfect and adorable, however it did strengthen my believe that these characters are NOT 12/13 year old. It only strengthens my believes that these characters are 15 or 16. The maturity of the relationship, the romance levels and several other things, it is just not what a 12/13 year old would have/do.

I loved the parts with the horses, I just could imagine myself in that stable, watching the horses, talking to them, and then watching our group ride the horses in lessons and trail rides. The author really did well to make it all really believable. I can only give applause to that! Good job.

We also have a new girl, and she was just amazing. At first I was a bit worried about what her arrival would do to the group, but in the end it turned out that I didn’t need to worry.

All in all though, this was a good book and I really enjoyed it. Even if it broke my heart that there just won’t be any more books about Lauren, or about Sasha.


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