Review for Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright

Review for Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright

25092138A really snack bite review, I really want to write at least a bit about this book, but not many words are coming out of my head (as I normally have when I want to review a book).

I have been anxiously waiting for a new book in this series. It has great characters, fun illustrations, and each book has its own theme. This one is all about literature and also about dogs. You will find several famous classic writers (and also some newer one coughChris Riddell and Chris Priestley) in this book. I really loved how the names were changed, you could still recognize them, even with their names and booktitles Chris Riddelled, and I love the addition of Chris Riddell and Chris Priestley themselves.

The dog show was really fun and entertaining.

The only things that I didn’t particularly like are 2 things. For one I didn’t like how the father acted. He wouldn’t listen to Ada, and was instantly jumping to conclusions. I know, it is the time this takes place in, but couldn’t he at least have listened? Normally I find him really sweet, but he couldn’t seem to be nice to Ada at all, he was just disappointed and acted all stuffy around her.
I also didn’t like the monkeys. The book is already full of magic and weird stuff, and I felt the monkeys were just a bit too much.

I did like the twist that happened near the end, though I had my suspicions about it from the start when stuff started happening. Still I really liked it.

All in all though, I would highly recommend this book to everyone, be sure to also read the others, this book does touch on some of the other books, so previous knowledge would be handy to have.


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