Review for Hamish and the Worldstoppers

Review for Hamish and the Worldstoppers

4.5 stars. You can’t imagine how happy I was when I saw I got this one from the library, I have been eyeing this book since it came out.22595631

And wow, I just loved this book, there is so much going on, but it is never overwhelming, it is just all 100% fun. And also pretty creepy. Could you imagine monsters like this? Wandering around your town? While you can’t move? Yep, creep factor of very very high!

Our main character, Hamish, is a great main character. He is strong, brave, but you can also see him being terrified, terrified of what happens in his town. At first he thinks the pauses are all cool and awesome, but soon… soon he will know the truth. But even with that knowledge he continues what he is doing, finding out more about what happens around him.

Later in the book Hamish meets kids who are just like him, and I just have to say that I love those kids. Each one of them has a characteristic that just fitted so perfectly with that specific kid.

I like how the story went from everything is fine, with some bumps here and there, to full-on rollercoaster in not even that long of a time. And as soon as it gets on that rollercoaster, well believe me, you won’t be getting off until the end.

I liked the plans the kids made, I loved the monsters (they were soooo creepy, and they gave me goosebumps), the whole pause/time stop stuff was just a great idea (and I love what the other side of the coin was for those time stops).

The ending? I just loved it, sure, I was sad for Hamish (nope, I am not going to say why, you will just have to read the book), but I was also delighted because of a certain hint that was dropped.

The illustrations? They were just so much fun, and I really loved the style. Especially the monsters, wow, those were really creatively drawn, and like I said, they gave me the goosebumps. You had creepy descriptions, and then you would just truly see how they looked!

All in all, this is a fun book about time, about monsters, about kids with abilities (but still being just normal kids) and about so much more (families, friendship). I would really recommend this book to everyone.

Also best signature move ever: The Now You See Me, Now I’m Right Behind You Holding a Frying Pan!


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