Review for Imaginary Fred

Review for Imaginary Fred

5+ stars. This was an amazing imaginary friend tale, one I would highly recommend!24500174

I am just going for a basic review, while I could put stuff under spoiler tags (which I always do if I really want to discuss stuff that is spoilerish), I won’t do that here, and just speak of the book in general and not go deeper into it. This because there is so much to spoil in this book, and I don’t want that, I want the readers to feel the same emotions and be surprised when moments of surprise pop up. I started the book with interest and intrigue, but that changed to happiness and amazement at this amazing book.

Sam, our friendless guy, is a great character. I felt sorry for him, that he was friendless, and so I was really happy when he found Fred. They fit together like 2 peas in a pod, though I can just imagine how confused the parents were when they saw their son and then something (since I am sure they saw the horse) floating next to it. 🙂

I was worried that Sam would do the same as all the other kids, and I won’t tell you if my worries came true or not, but let me just tell you that I am delighted with what happened.

Fred, he was just awesome. The best imaginary friend anyone can wish for (though the wishing process seems painful, that poor postman), but I also felt sad for him, that he had so many friends who just left him when they found a real friend. I was delighted when he met Sam, a friend who just matched him so well in so many things. Reading: check! Interest in various things in life: Check! Drama: Check!

There are also two other things I would love to discuss, but can’t due to spoilers. So I will keep it general. I just loved that twist when that thing happened, I was so worried it would end up a certain way.

The ending to the book? Fantastic! Beautiful! Sweet!

The illustrations just fit perfectly with the book. Most of the book is in one colour (blue), but there are also random bursts of other colours, and I have to say it was very effective. At the right moments you would have a sudden burst of colour, I just loved that they did it this way.

All in all, this is one picture book I would really highly recommend. Kids, but also adults, will love this book.

I hope that this duo (Eoin Colfer/Oliver Jeffers) will be making more book for children together, both already made great books for children on their own, but this collaboration? They should do it again!


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