Review for Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Vol.1

Review for Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Vol.1

978-4575844054Through another manga of this mangaka I bumped into this little gem. This one was just so much fun!

Kobayashi is a normal girl, can’t hold her liquor (and it is just hilarious to see how she acts when she is totally drunk), is a closet otaku, but is also friendly and nice, and during one night she encounters something huge and decides to let the creature live at her place. That creature is Tooru and here the adventures start.

Because Tooru is a dragon, and she is not from here, so everything is new, everything is different and it is so much fun to see her try to fit in, to try and not blow her cover, to try and please Kobayashi (because she really loves Kobayashi (not a spoiler you find that out in the first/second chapter)). I just had so many laughs because of the silliness that Tooru did, totally not understanding that doing such stuff is seen as not good, dirty or downright wrong. 🙂
Tooru is a cute one though, I just loved how dedicated and sweet she was towards Kobayashi. Caring for her, and learning from her the ways of the new world she is in.

About halfway we meet a new character, a friend of Kobayashi, and well you can just imagine how this ends up. Yep, in more silliness and more fun moments.

There are also several other mythological beasts that make an appearance, and I was delighted to see them pass by.

The art is pretty decent, at times the faces look a bit off, but other than that, the art is definitely good and with the way the characters are drawn, gives you a few laughs.

All in all, I would recommend people to read this manga if you are looking for a funny manga with maids, dragons, drunk otaku, mythological beasts, oh and a hint of yuri.


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