Review for Little White Lies

Review for Little White Lies

This was the worst book in this series for now. By God, can we just drop all the horrendous bad drama for once?2eaa8-littlewhitelieshqcover

I really had to push myself to read this book, I wanted to give up every time, but I kept pushing myself, hoping that Sasha wouldn’t do the stupid things I was thinking she would do. Sadly, she does. And yes, this isn’t only her fault, it is also Jacob’s, but if she had just been honest, had talked to someone? Maybe even to her boyfriend, I am sure it wouldn’t have gone all drama-hell as it went in this one.

Sasha kept lying in this book, and I just knew that this would blow in her face, and it did. On one hand I am satisfied that she got what she deserved, on the other hand, I felt sorry for her. If only she had talked.
Not only did it mess up the book with the daily stuff, it also messed up her riding. I love those parts about riding, and then she can’t even ride because she keeps thinking about all the drama-fest happening? URGHHHHHHH.
And I hated how she acted around Eric, she has the most amazing, sweet, wonderful guy and she does all this? What is wrong with you girl?

Jacob, urgh, don’t even get me started on this disgusting human being who should just have shut up. But noooo, he had to ruin it all. I hate Jacob, didn’t like his attitude in the other books, but in this one? He was just 1000x times worse.

I felt sorry for Callie, for Eric, for Paige.

Even Heather was pretty decent in this book, she even offered to help Sasha, and I found that really sweet. Too bad Sasha never took Heather’s offer.

The ending? What the hell was going on there? I just wanted to smack Sasha with something hard. She deserved that. I don’t care that she is all confused and shit, this girl definitely got a huge problem.

Would I recommend this book? rolls over laughing NO. Will I be reading the other books? I am not sure yet. I still have book 7 ready, but I think for now I need a break from the drama-fest that is CCA.


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