Review for Our Super Adventure

Review for Our Super Adventure

bookcoverI have loved Our Super Adventure (and other stuff by Sarah Graley) for some time now, and when I saw she had a Kickstarter up for this book I just knew I had to back it up and give my support!

And now I have this book, with Kickstarter extras, and I just loved it. The book features comics you can find online on Sarah’s site, but there are also several new ones that haven’t been posted anywhere. The book also has a t-shirt collection (what shirts did they wear), a photograph of them and also of their cats (such adorable cats!), re-drawn comics and also what she uses to draw and how she does stuff. I also got 4 postcards and a sticker sheet (with CATS!). All in all, it is a big fun packed book, and now I can just pick up this book whenever I want, and when I am in need for a good laugh.

Because laugh you will, the comics are hilarious and Stef and Sarah are really cute together. It was really fun to see some older comics, but also some really new ones. Some I recognized from the site and I was happy to see them, but I was also delighted with the addition of new comics.

The art is really pretty, you can see (especially when looking at the re-drawn comics part) that Sarah really has gotten awesome with drawing. I love her style of drawing, and also the colours she uses. However I did notice that sometimes tattoos would switch arm (from left arm to right arm). 🙂
I really like how the cats are drawn, and if I look at the photographs she added (and the ones I saw online), she really got the right look for each cat. It is just great.

All in all? If you have a chance to get this book, get it. It is a fantastic and fun read about daily life, romance, relationships, lots of pizza and even more cats.


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