Review for Rival Revenge

Review for Rival Revenge

81d6d-C7EzL3.5 stars. Miles better than the previous book, but I still didn’t entirely like it.

And that mostly had to do with Sasha and her enormous stupidity. Doesn’t she see that by holding silent, by just hiding in a hole, that she is hurting people a lot? Why can’t she just be honest about what happened in the previous book. Why can’t she just trust her friends. I feel that those friends of hers are only her friends when it is all good to her, otherwise she will just not go to them. And that is just stupid.

I also got so tired of her OMG-I-am-not-good-enough mood regarding horses. She was already quite extreme about this stuff, but in this book it went up a notch or twenty and I was just shaking my head at one scene in particular. You did that? While being like that? Are you a fucking idiot? Do you want to hurt your horse? Do you want to never ride again? And then you do that afterwards? Seriously girl, where is the Sasha I used to like? Did she die and rise as some kind of weak-assed zombie or something? I really do hope that the next book she will finally confine in a friend, finally get that Jacob-stuff over (I really am starting to hate the name Jacob by the way) and also will stop being such an idiot around her horse.

Jasmine wasn’t also the greatest character (but then again, she never was). Though she really got overconfident and did something stupid, which made me cheer, it was about time!

We also find out about the whole Alison and Julia situation, did they cheat? Or did they not? I was already wondering when this would be solved, as it took quite a bit, and I just wanted to see it solved. And I really liked how it got solved/how things got done regarding this situation.

Heather, Heather was the breath of air in this book, and I absolutely adored her. She is really sweet (though still with a bitchy attitude at times). She was really kind to Sasha, tried to help her out, was firm and clear to her when Sasha did something idiotic (which happened a lot). I am so glad that Heather is slowly turning to be nicer and kinder. I do hope that this will be something that continues, and not gets thrown out of the window as soon as Sasha is on talking terms with her friends again.

The horse parts were really fun and I loved reading about the exercises, about the competitions that were coming, and to see everyone care for the horses. There is a lot of that in this book, so I was delighted. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next book, especially considering that ending. I am quite curious how things will go and, again, I do hope that Heather will stay like she was in this (and also the previous book).


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