Review for Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad

Review for Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad

268540534.5 stars. An adorable book about a dinosaur dad and son.

I never heard of Liz Climo before, but I found out about her fun/good art when my boyfriend was browsing Reddit and stumbled upon her collection of Halloween comics, which he showed to me. I was instantly in love, and went to search for this artist to see if she had more works. And she did! After reading some of her other work, I just kept falling more and more in love (and also falling of my chair laughing), I decided to check Goodreads. I found out she had 3 books, 1 was a pre-order and the other 2 were published and out. I immediately bought and pre-ordered the books, and well, now I am a big fan.

And now for my thoughts on this book. I am already a fan of dinosaurs, and was excited to see what Liz Climo would make of it. And I can tell you, she did a great job. The book is about a tiny little dinosaur named Rory, who lives with his dad in a giant tree house, yes, really, a tree house. Try to imagine that. 🙂 I do wonder where Rory’s mom went, as it seems the dad is the sole parent here.
Rory wants to play, but his dad (understandably) wants to just lie down and read after he had a busy day. So Rory decides to go on an adventure, and it was so much fun to see him adventuring, to see him questing, and never knowing that his dad was right behind him, keeping a careful eye out, keeping him safe, keeping him happy. I just laughed so hard when Rory decided to go back and his dad had to do all kinds of manoeuvres to not get noticed! I also continued laughing because Rory apparently never noticed how his dad looked. He was just so focussed on getting to his dad. It was just so adorable and next to laughing I was also going awwww, and I just wanted to hug Rory.

I loved all the stuff that Rory encountered on his journey, and I love how he always thought of his dad during the adventure.

This book was really funny, but also so adorable, it truly shows a father who loves his son very much, wants to keep him safe. And it also shows us a kid who wants to show his dad that he can do his own adventures and he wants to make his dad proud.

The art is really fun and I just loved how it looked. Bright colours, at times we also have a bit of a background, and all in all it was just really fun looking at the book on its own already.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, this book will make you laugh, it will make you go awww, it will make you happy, and don’t we all want a book that makes us happy at times?


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