Review for Storm

Review for Storm

23328270Welcome back to the United Kingdom, now swarmed with blue zombies (smurfs anyone?) with yellow eyes and a big appetite for anything living and moving. The only safe place is on sea/water, as these critters don’t like water, and also can’t swim.

The book hits off where we left the previous book, Alex and Lucy on a boat, Alex planning to go off to the mainland to find his dear brother and parents. Of course this is a zombie apocalypse, but not only the zombies are the deadly ones. The survivors also do crazy stuff that is pretty scary.

We pretty quickly go into the action with Alex being separated from his girlfriend Lucy. He has to find her, and also find his brother. On his way he meets with new people, people I didn’t always like (mostly for their over-the-top stuff), but generally they were a good bunch of characters and I really kept hoping throughout the book that they would survive, because knowing the previous book, I knew the author just loved killing off characters. 🙂 I won’t spoil anything of course, so if you want to find out who lives and who dies, well you will have to read the book!

At times I didn’t like the book, it was just a bit too much at times. Conspiracy stuff, military actions, and I felt that what we had in the previous book (Normal guy and his friends getting screwed over by zombies and just trying to survive) was just way more close to home than this book was.

We also find out more about the zombie apocalypse, the zombies themselves and the military, and I must say that it was very effective as a twist. I did have my suspicions, but with an event happening in the previous book, I wasn’t sure about it all.

We also have a new kind of zombie, and dear Lord, did that one creep me out. shivers The author really has a way with words and the descriptions of our new “friends” just made me want to close the book and bundle up under a bunch of warm blankets. Especially that one part in the village. Man, that was just creepfest galore.

All in all the book was pretty great, and that ending was just stunning and fantastic, I didn’t see that one coming.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, even with the over-the-top stuff this was still a great and very creepy read.


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