Review for The Day No One Was Angry

Review for The Day No One Was Angry

23108947I am probably one of the few people, but I just didn’t particularly like this book. After 3 stories I was quite done with it all.

I also don’t really get the title, as the story the title is talking about is only about 3 pages long and takes place…. at the end. I was actually looking forward to a book with all stories about animals, small and large, finding out what it means to have no anger or irritations. Instead I got a whole bunch of stories on anger, irritations, how to deal with stuff, and while I did like some stories (the salesman Lobster for instance, because that story was quite different from most), most were just the same, with different characters.

This book is promoted as a kids book, but I am not sure if this would be something kids would enjoy. Not only because of the mood of the book, but also for several other reasons.

The illustrations however were just gorgeous, fabulous, and beautiful. Truly they were the best part of the book, making up for the stories and keeping my attention. They are the reason why I continued with the book. There are several pages that are just illustrations and they are just gorgeous to look at, so many details present, and the animals are really beautifully drawn.

Would I recommend the book? For the illustrations, yes. For the stories, no.


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  1. I completely agree with you on this one. I discovered this book in my local primary school library and fell in love with the quaint, vintage-esque illustrations. When I borrowed the book to share with my children, they absolutely hated it. None could sit through it and the eldest told me it was “pointless”. Definitely a book that was written for academic-adult-types (which I am in the lower echelons of) and not as much for young people who actually want an engaging story to follow.

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