Review for The Lost Girl

Review for The Lost Girl

25966465Not a terribly long review due to the high amount of twists and turns (though of course, quite a few are not that difficult to figure out within a few pages), but I want people to go into this fresh, so I will just keep it to the surface of the book.

I am so delighted that R.L. Stine is doing Fear Street again, even though it has several influences from the new era (technology-wise), it still retains its old school vibe. I am sure that if you remove the nowadays-technology this book would just match with the older series perfectly. It feels like R.L. Stine never stopped writing these Fear Street books, like there isn’t a big gap between the series, and that is an amazing skill.

The book itself was great, there are enough plots and twists and turns, and like I said, most of them are quite easy to figure out, but for some reason I don’t mind that in this book. Because the rest is so good. The characters are pretty great (though a bit on the dumb side, that they never thought of that person), they are interesting and also quite fun. I did like the mystery part/when poop really started to hit the fan.

I didn’t always like the main character, the things he did, it just was wrong, and I wanted to smack him to get some sense back in him.

The ending was, once again, a bit predictable, but it was still awesome and super creepy, and left me with a very creeped-out feeling.

There were some tropes that I am just getting tired about. Since it might spoil the book, I am just going to keep it to that. I hope that we will get some new tropes, or newly invented tropes. I don’t need to see that one trope keep popping up in horror/paranormal books. It is just a bad trope.

The book is separated in Past and Present, though Present takes the cake with the most pages/chapters. It was really interesting that the past was also added to the mix, it gave more insight to a few characters, and also later on gets mentioned.

All in all, a great book and I would highly recommend it. This is a great read for the Halloween season that is now here.


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