Review for Triple Fault

Review for Triple Fault

cvr9781416958437_9781416958437_hrA book filled with drama, horses, boys and more!

So the drama between Callie and Sasha continues. sighs On the one hand I didn’t mind it, and I was nodding along with Sasha and I understood why she acted like this. But I just wish it was over, throughout most of the book I just wanted this stuff to be over with. We get, Callie was a bitch, did something stupid, we know she broke your heart, but is it really necessary to be like this? She made a mistake, a big one, but she was also your best friend.

Jacob was pretty OK in this book, though I hated his attitude towards Eric. Jacob, you are with a girl, you can’t just be jealous of someone else. That is just not OK.

The biggest dislike for me was the fact we now have Jasmine in Canterwood Crest. Urgh, the worst character EVER, and she is in this one? Why? Why was this needed? To create extra drama now that Heather and Sasha are pretty much on the same line and are kind of friendly at times? We don’t need an uberbitch added to the mix.
And sure, Heather was a bitch in this one as well, towards Jasmine, but sorry, I just couldn’t feel sorry for the girl. I was actually kind of cheering for all the revenge the Trio took. And this may sound bad, and may make me a bad person, but the things that Jasmine did to Sasha, to Heather, to horses (and why would you do that if you are a horse person) and to several other people, are disgusting, and I was actually glad she was getting what she deserved back.

Of course Canterwood Crest isn’t Canterwood Crest without the big dose of drama, so we get that kind of crap near that end. sighsIt was to be expected, but I still didn’t like it. It just created unnecessary drama. But I guess the author has to write about something in the next book.

But there were also lots of good sides to the book. Eric and Sasha (well, for most of the time). They make a great couple and Sasha is just adorable when she is thinking of Eric. 🙂

Paige and her Teen Cuisine? I just loved it, it made Paige an even better and more fun character than she already is. I also liked how much she was always there for Sasha, and how good of a friend she was.

The horse riding? I just loved it. I could truly just see me in the stables, watching the horses, watching people groom them, and when they were riding, I could just see myself in the stands watching the awesomeness unfold.

All in all though, this was a good book and I did enjoy it a lot. I would still recommend this series to everyone!


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