Review for While We Fall

Review for While We Fall

25765336This was an amazing second book, I am truly sad that this series never got a paperback edition. I would really, really love to add these to my bookshelves and be able to read them whenever I want.

This one starts immediately where we left off. In other words, the end of the first day, the start of the second day. Our little band of friends is still together, still worried and still fighting for survival. Quite soon the action starts, and several things happen. We meet new characters, both good and evil, both stupid and smart. I really liked that we didn’t only have our band of friends. While I love all the characters dearly, I still don’t mind seeing other survivors, even if some of them are just evil and thinking of themselves. While I don’t approve of what some of the characters did in this book, I can also see that a zombie apocalypse might change people, might make them desperate, might make them do stuff they would have never done if not for all this. Again, I still don’t approve of it, but I can just imagine why it happened.

I was a bit frustrated with our characters this time. I can imagine they want to help everyone, help anyone who is a survivor, and while I am not sure what I would have done in the situation, I would think that after 2 close-to-death situations, I wouldn’t be helping people again. I would be just cruising by, or running, or whatever. I can imagine that they want to show how good they are, that even in a land ravished by death, a land turned to a wasteland, that there are good people to rely on. But they also have to see that the world has changed. And that not everyone has that mentality.

Elliot, dear Lord, I hated him from the start. I just knew something was weird/off about him, and while I won’t go into details (as they are spoilers), I can just say that I was sad for Wyatt. The previous book and quite a part of this book he was looking forward to seeing his brother, to see his family, and it must be hard to find out about stuff like what he found out in the book.

Quite a bit of the book takes place in Elliot’s place, and while it seemed it was paradise, there was enough going on, and there was enough zombie action (though even without that, it would have been good, Elliot’s situation and what goes on there, is creepy enough).

I had goosebumps throughout the book, I screamed when characters got in danger, I fangirled when Wyatt and Eva got closer, I awwed at the friendship between the characters and especially Jo and Eva.

The ending also brought a twist to the whole story and had me just staring at the book, mouth wide open, and then screaming: “No way! Really? OMG OMG OMG!”. I just loved that it was added, and I truly can’t wait for the next book, which I will probably read in very very soon, since I just want to know how this end. It wasn’t in the planning for me to read the series in one go, I was planning to read just book 1, but then I finished that and loved it, went to book 2, devoured and loved that one, and now I just want to read book 3. 🙂

I would really highly recommend this book (and the series (at least book 1 and 2 for now)) to everyone! Looking for a creepy read with the occasional romance (very light)? Wanting to get in the Halloween spirits? Then read this one now!


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