Review for Witch Wars

Review for Witch Wars

21844006I have been looking forward to this book since I heard it would come out. Sadly, didn’t really have it until not that long ago. But it was finally there, and I just had to have it.

And what a trip this was! I just absolutely adore this book, we have witches, scavenger hunts, fashion, puns, great and loveable characters, not so nice and not so loveable characters.

The book starts with our main character Tiga finds out she is a witch and is taken to the Ritzy City/Sinkville that apparently resides when one takes the route through a sink. Yes, a sink. Ever wonder how witches had crooked noses and warts? Why their hats are pointy? Well, guess what happens when one is pushed through a pipe at top speed. Yep, that is right. 🙂

We soon find out that Tiga is send here for a reason, there is a Witch Wars that will start soon. A war, well, war… for the one to rule the city. I really like the idea, and while I was a bit worried it would be a full out war, it was more of a scavenger hunt with hints here and there. Of course with all the characters just dying to win, some of them will resort to very nasty tactics.
I really loved the Witch Wars, it gave us more insight in this world (since it travelled all over the land where the witches live), but it was also just exciting. See if I could also have a hand with trying to solve the riddles (we have a map in the front of the book). Of course, I utterly failed because I just didn’t know the exact inner workings of the town, but I was still trying and cheering for our characters.

I also loved the book’s stores, they had funny names, but also at times funny purposes.

It was also interesting to learn why there was no colour in the city, this is no spoiler, the main character and her fairy pop in the country through the pipes and just lose most of their colour. I am guessing we will find out more about this and the history of the country in the next book(s). We did find out snippets of stuff, but there is still a lot unanswered so I hope we will find out stuff in the later books.

Tiga is an amazing character, sweet, determined and even with a youth as she had, she is a kind and sweet character. You would expect that one with such an upbringing would turn out to be rotten or depressed, but instead this girl is full of power.

Peggy and Fluffanora? They were just brilliant characters and I loved them both. Peggy for how kind and friendly she was and how she acted in the Witch Wars, and thereafter. Fluffanora? For her attitude and her fashion sense.

The story is really great, and it really grabs you by the nose and doesn’t let you go until the end.

I still have many questions, for instance about Tiga’s parents, but I am sure we will get those answered in the next book or books.

The illustrations truly complements the story. They are fun, quirky and delightful and make the story even more fun.

All in all? I would highly recommend this book. Young and old will love the vivid descriptions of this magical place, the magical characters and the fun scavenger hunt. As for me? I will be waiting for book 2 and read that as soon as it is delivered!


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