Top Books To Read During Halloween

Top Books To Read During Halloween

Hello everyone!

It is almost Halloween, a holiday that isn’t really celebrated here in my country (though more and more people are celebrating it, stores have more halloween-ish candy, so I am hoping soon it will be a holiday), but I still love reading scary books and watching creepy movies and eating tons and tons of candy (special Halloween-shaped/packaged ones, or just any kind).

For today I thought I would do a top books to read for Halloween. I got 3 categories. Top 10 Horror Books, Top 5 Mystery/Thrillers that are perfect for Halloween, and a Top 5 Funny Creepy Reads. The order of the Top 10/Top 5 is random, I don’t think I could ever pick one book over another.

So are you all ready? Here we go!

TOP 10 Horror Books

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TOP 10 Mystery/Thriller Books


Top 5 Funny Creepy Reads


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