Library Haul 21-11-2015

Library Haul 21-11-2015

Hiya everyone!

Welcome to another Library Haul, it has been 3 weeks since I last went to Library #3, and the books I had had to go back . I took a slight detour past Library #2 as well, as there were several books I reserved that had arrived and I had to pick them up. So this post will be a mix of Library #2 books and Library #3 books. Of course, like with all the other Library Haul posts, the books are either Dutch or English.

My haul this Saturday was amazing. 7 books from Library #2 and 11 books from Library #3. I can’t wait to start reading them.



Erop of Eronder by Anne Pek, Irene Goede
Superhelden lusten geen spruitjes! by Sébastien Pérez, Benjamin Lacombe
Goodnight Already! by Jory John, Benji Davies
Sterrenwachter by Harm van Straaten, Mark Haayema
Sinterklaas zonder baard by Sanne de Bakker, Mark Janssen
Het grote lang geleden… doeboek by Arend van Dam, Georgien Overwater, Alex de Wolf
Meer! by Tracy Corderoy, Tim Warnes
GrrroentoSAURUS by Smriti Prasadam-Halls, Catharina Manolessou
Eliza Boom’s Diary: My Explosive Adventure by Emily Gale, Joëlle Dreidemy
Groter dan DE LUCHT, erger dan de Zon by Daan Remmerts de Vries
Iggy & Me: De Nieuwe Baby by Jenny Valentine
Mokie & Bik by Wendy Orr, Jonathan Bean
Het kleine Draakje Kokosnoot en de wilde piraten by Ingo Siegner
Inspecteur Gordon: De Nootjesroof by Ulf Nilsson, Gitte Spee
Looking Glass Girl by Cathy Cassidy
Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
1940: Verwarring en Aanpassing by Wichert Ten Have
Lobsters by Tom Ellen, Lucy Ivison

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