Review for 100 facts around town

Review for 100 facts around town

27876453Oh my, what a delightful little picture book this was!

This is not a big picture book, oh no, but believe me, even though you might think that you can just read this and be quickly done with it, that is far from the truth. The book is full, really full, with facts, little fun things that you can see in the illustrations, flaps you can open that reveal a fact and often also a new image, add to that there is also a ‘search for this character’-part, which was really fun to do.

The book is all about town, from traffic to schools, from fun and games to electricity. Every 2 pages is a theme, and within that theme you got a gorgeous 2 page illustration with a lot of little characters doing all sorts of things. From going to school, to tossing a Frisbee, to cycling, to being startled by someone walking on a rope. And not only characters, but there are facts for each theme, some facts are in plain sight, others? You will have to open the flaps to find out about them. Find out about elevators, about escalators, about electricity, about bicycles, about a whole lot of things. I am sure young and old will love it. Especially the opening of the flaps will be a joy, what will be behind this little flap? What kind of image or fact will we find out now?

And thanks to this book I also found a new illustrator that I hope to see more of. His art is really pretty (and also really cute). I loved how it looked sketched (but also finished) at times. The illustrations are colourful, and I can only imagine how much time he put into making all those little villagers, in making all the buildings, in making everything come alive. He did an amazing job!

Would I recommend this book? Yes, yes I would. Definitely. It is a really great book, and I am sure kids will love finding out the little facts, opening the flaps, and also will love the colourful illustrations.


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