Review for All Wrapped Up

Review for All Wrapped Up

26224571Our Geek Girl is back! This time we have got Christmas + First Dates. <3

This book is just the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirits. Though Christmas is still a month away, and here we still have one holiday before that (Sinterklaas), I was delighted with all the Christmassy stuff happening in this book. Trees! Decorations! Songs! Horrendous Christmas Sweaters! Presents! Santa! Bad Jokes! And so so much more, I was just delighted, though Christmas is apparently yet another thing that Harriet takes a bit too seriously. I mean, really, starting in August? Sorry, but what? Summer is barely over and you just immediately hop to the holiday of Christmas?

This book takes place when Harriet just has kissed Nick, and also during the time her stepmother is still pregnant. I am really delighted that we have a book that takes place during this time. The whole Nick kiss is just <3, and then to get to read about their first date? Since, that is what this book is all about. About a wonderful, romantic, sweet date with my favourite guy character (after Wilbur of course, who is just super awesome). Can you imagine how hard I was squealing when I heard that it would be about that? I was so happy.  Of course, you all know how Harriet is, right? So you can just imagine how the date, and the parts before the actual date, will go. Filled with facts, hilarious antics, a very very nervous Harriet, our annoying Stalker Toby. I actually felt a bit sorry for Nick. Who was just confused about a lot of stuff, especially on how Harriet was behaving.

The actual date, and where our characters went to have their date, was just swoon-worthy and cute. And also hilarious, as I wasn’t expected that to happen. 😀

After the story about Harriet’s and Nick’s date, we also have several goodies, including bad Christmas jokes, surveys, an interview with the author. It was so much fun to read them, it gave more insight in the character, and we learned more about the author. 🙂

All in all, this book is full with facts (Harriet still is our little fact machine), Christmas, romance, and I would highly recommend it to everyone!


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