Review for Amnesia Official Visual Fan Book

Review for Amnesia Official Visual Fan Book

978-4047275805I never played the game, or watched the anime, but I was in the mood for some hot boys, and I knew that Amnesia did have those.

The book has various things, we start of with gorgeous, yummy, but also very romantic art, then there are stories, information, guides, but also how the voice actors look and a bit of an interview with them. I can tell you that most of the voice actors looked just as hot as their game characters.

The art is really gorgeous and I just loved flipping through the pages, swooning a bit at the beautiful boys, and at times very hot scenes between the guys and our heroine!

I know the game is out on Steam, so um, I guess I will be checking it out very soon, since I wouldn’t mind some more time with these guys. 😉 And I am quite curious now about the game play, as it seems to be a mix of action and romance.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you are looking for some stunning art (with hot boys) then be sure to check this one out.


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