Review for Breath of Fire: Official Complete Works

Review for Breath of Fire: Official Complete Works

21814427Breath of Fire is one of my favourite games, so I was delighted when my sweet boyfriend bought me this artbook. Thanks dear, you are amazing!

The artbook starts off with the first game and then goes up to the last game (V), it is a real shame that they never made more parts in this spectacular series. There are now new-gen consoles, and yet no new BoF. 🙁
I loved that they started with the first one in the book and then went up to the last one, it really showed how much they progressed (though I have to say that I am more a fan of the first 4 games art than I am a fan of the last one).
Each game has character profiles, monsters, sketches, story outline and much much more, often in glorious colours. I was just looking at the pages for some time because they were so pretty.

There is also a bit of information on the timeline of the game, and on which consoles the games came out (SNES, PS, PSP, GBA) and if they were original or a remake.

There is a lot of other information too, and I just loved reading it, though I already knew most of it because I really played the games to death, well all except the last game, which I bought but never got into that much.

This is the perfect book for the BoF fans, and I would highly recommend it. As for me? I guess I will be digging up my old games and play them again. 😀


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