Review for City Secrets

Review for City Secrets

cvr9781442403802_9781442403802_hrWow, I really enjoyed this one.

Well this was really different from the other books (with the exception of the specials). Instead of taking place at Canterwood Crest, this book was all about the break time, which took place at Heather’s home. So there is a lot of Heather and Sasha interaction, of course there are horses, because they are still in YENT and still want to train to the max.

And we also have some drama, since we all know what happened between Paige and Sasha in the previous book. I am not entirely sure if what Sasha did was the right thing, but, I can also understand why she would say/do such things. She was really hurt by what Paige did, and while Paige did her best to apologize, I feel that Paige should get that she really hurt her best friend, and that they need some time to think about things.

I really loved this book as it showed the Heather that I grew to love. It is a Heather who is still snarky and at times a bit evil, but more than that, it is a Heather who is kind, friendly and who treats Sasha as a friend. Their trips through NY were really fun, and I loved the things they did together (even though Sasha was protesting a bit since Heather was paying for all of it, which I can understand might be a bit awkward). We got them shopping, eating at fancy restaurants, horse riding, manicures/pedicures and much much more.
But next to that, we also get a more close view to Heather’s family and her life at home, and I have to say, that I just felt terribly sad for Heather. She was acting all tough about it, but I am sure it must hurt when your parents treat you like this. 🙁

Of course, as with all the books, there is a bit of romance. I won’t say what, you will have to find out, but I was delighted that this was finally happening, and that twist at the end? I just adored it! I was a bit evil, but it was so needed. We just got 3 books left, and seriously, this thing? It needed to be solved and done. For both of these characters.

The horse riding and the stables were really fun and I enjoyed reading about all the training they did. I didn’t particularly like the 2 “friends” of Heather’s though who were around the stables a lot. They were snobby and bleh.

What more? Ah, yes! Sasha’s reactions to everything, I was just laughing out loud, though I think I would have been the same if I saw all that stuff that Sasha did. 😀

All in all, this is an amazing book and I would highly recommend it to everyone!


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