Review for Goodnight Already!

Review for Goodnight Already!

206630851.5 stars. I had expected way better.

I was really looking forward to this one. I love Benji Davies art, and I had read a few books by Jory John, and I was interested in what the combination of these 2 people would be. Sadly, nothing good. 🙁

I loved the Bear character, he was really great and I sympathized with him a lot, the poor thing just wants to sleep, and then you got some annoying character named Duck, who just doesn’t get the hint, who keeps waking/disturbing the bear.

And that is the biggest reason why I rated this book so low. The character Duck. Dear Lord, he was just so annoying, frustrating and I just wanted to fry him and have Bear eat him. I can imagine that you do this kind of thing once, but as someone is quite clear about stuff, just leave. Oh no. Not the Duck. 😐 Using spare keys, breaking in, anything goes when one apparently can’t sleep.

I am sure the Duck was meant to be so insert a lot of bad words here obnoxious, but sorry, for me it just ruined the book.

The ending was one were I was shaking my head. All that and this happens? Just no.

The art was the one that saved the book. Instead of going for 0.5 stars (since I liked the Bear character), I gave this one a 1.5 star.

Would I recommend this book? NO. No. And triple no. There are better books about going to sleep to read.


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