Review for Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella

Review for Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella

27156837A very magical book about a girl, her cat and a magical Scarlet Umbrella!

I really loved the book, but I have one thing I didn’t like. It felt a bit rushed at times. We have a start, Harper gets the magical umbrella, but loses her cat and then instead of her finding out more about the umbrella we are thrown head first into a story about a scary man stealing cats. The umbrella is still featured, but it just felt a bit odd. I just wish we would have first found out about the umbrella, get a part about her figuring out how it worked, see her cat, and then the cat would disappear. Now I just mostly didn’t even care about the cat as we never saw him until we met the evil guy, and even then it was just that we saw the cat from afar.

But other than this, the story was really magical, and while it did speed at a high pace, I did like it for most of the time, even though I had to backtrack at times to see if I didn’t miss anything.

Harper was a great character, strong, never giving up, and she has a real gift for making friends. She was really sweet towards all of them.

I loved the friends, and that even though their roles were small, they did big things to help out Harper. Help get their cats back. Even the one girl who didn’t like cats helped out (though I guess that was mostly because she loves adventures).

I am quite curious to see some more books about Harper and her magical umbrella. To find out more about who was the first owner, to find out more about Harper. Hoping she will be making more adventures soon.

The illustrations were really great and I enjoyed looking at them when they popped up in the book. I also loved the little paw prints that were dotted over the pages, and the little cat (Midnight) that was placed above the chapter’s titles. Sooo adorable. <3

All in all, this is one book I would surely recommend to everyone!


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