Review for Honto no Kanojo

Review for Honto no Kanojo

978-4403621918Oh my, this manga was just hilarious and oh so much fun!

Say hello to Moe, she loves Yuuka soooo much, but Yuuka? Yuuka isn’t so sure about Moe. Moe is a big pervert, loves SM (no worries, the manga is completely safe for work) and when Yuuka speaks up in her real personality, the only thing that happens is that Moe wants more of that abuse. They make for an odd couple. Moe, looking completely fluffy and cute, but deep inside loves SM, is a pervert, and gets a kick out of being treated badly. Yuuka, looking like a gorgeous girl, but actually she has a terrible personality and tries to hide it, acting like the prissy princess.

And odd couple indeed, but they also match. Yuuka is trying to learn more about Moe’s likes, and Moe is learning all about Yuuka’s likes. They do a lot together, and they are really cute when they finally get out of the whole thing that Yuuka is having (the no, I don’t want you, though I really want to hold you). Of course they still bicker (especially when Moe is going in her SM mode), but they always make up.

There is a part in this manga that really made me cry, I can’t say what, but let me just say that it was perfect!

There is just one thing I would have liked more, I would have liked to see some more romance, some more touching. It was all on the surface and didn’t really go deeper, which I felt would have made the manga even better and gave it some more depth.

The art is really great and also really pretty. I just love how the artist drew the characters.

Would I recommend this manga? Yes, yes I would. It is funny, hilarious and Moe and Yuuka are fantastic characters.


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