Review for How to Lose a Bachelor

Review for How to Lose a Bachelor

25833031Oh my goodness, this was just a hilarious, romantic, great book!

Rochelle Ransom (what a name by the way, I kept checking if I was reading it right) has auditioned for a dating show, and is accepted. She thinks this will be just a breeze, sure she is embarrassed as heck about it (because come on, who would to publicly embarrass themselves on TV?), but she has her goal in mind. A nice prize money (for her charity) and maybe a hot dude. Only after she finds out who the hot dude is…. well she, and the dude, don’t really want to be there both.

I just laughed out loud when Rochelle found out who the hot guy was, her reaction to it was just priceless, and I just knew this was going to be good. And then we see his reaction! Brilliant! These 2 in one room? In one game? Oh, dear Lord. I could only imagine what will happen. Both of them of course get carted off to the boss to explain (as it is blatantly obvious that they know each other and have a past), and he tells them to stay in the game (both needed some extra motivation, because they were both ready to just jump out and leave). And then the show begins. Rochelle was just brilliant, and I was just clapping for her, I just loved what that girl did to get voted off, and to take revenge. Wearing the opposing team’s sweatshirt? Check! Drinking until passing out? Check! Being rude? Check! She thought of the craziest things. Of course, as the blurb also says, he is in no mood to vote her off. For revenge, or is it more? And she? She just wants to run away and enjoy her promised reward. I also loved what Grant thought of for stuff to take revenge on the girl.

The book is written in Dual POV, so you will see both sides of the reactions to the revenges. Rochelle and her tries, and how Grant feels about Rochelle. We also find out how they both feel about each other, and we quickly (almost immediately) get that these 2? They are anything but over. The tension between them just flies off the pages, and you just want them to kiss and hug. You will just shout at the pages for them to get it on with.

Also as the book continues we also find out about the break-up, we find out more about their past together, and I must say it was fantastic, it gave more depth to the story, and it made it all the more interesting to see them figure everything out.

The latter parts of the book are filled with tears, some hot scenes (though they are all clean, and nothing graphic), some laugh out loud situations and so much more. I just loved meeting the family of Grant, to see the hometown, to find out more and more about the past.

All the other characters were pretty great, even if they had terrible personalities (Chris, Richie, some of the contestants), they brought life to the story and I was interested to see what they would do.

The ending was just perfection, I am really happy with the way it ended. Though I felt that epilogue that followed was just a bit too weird and didn’t really match, and I wish instead we would have an epilogue with something different. That is truly the only thing I didn’t like.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend to everyone! Looking for a laugh out loud book? Romance? Dating Show? Revenge? Then try out this book!


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