Review for Hubert Horatio: The Millionaire Child Genius

Review for Hubert Horatio: The Millionaire Child Genius

9780141339832When I saw this book at the library I just knew I had to try it out. Lauren Child just has a way with writing that makes you want to go to the book world and stay there. And that is also the case with this book.

Though I have to say I was a bit worried after a few pages. Hubert seemed a bit too perfect (even though he couldn’t excel in 2 things), and I have read a few too many books were rich + smart = very annoying kid with a big ego. But as I read on I started to notice that while Hubert was good at almost everything, he was also kind, friendly, loved his family, loved his friends, he loved the parties his family hosted. I was so delighted, finally a kid character who doesn’t get cocky or grows an enormous ego because he is able to do so much.

No, no, Hubert instead uses his geniusness and his friend’s geniusness for greater good. Because he found something out, something that might threaten his family, and so he uses whatever skills he has, and whatever his friend’s has to save his family. To help them out.

The ending was just perfect and adorable, I just loved it and I am glad I wasn’t wrong about the parents. They are truly great and wonderful parents.

The illustrations are typical for Lauren Child’s books, I just love them. They are creative and fun, and totally fit with the stories she writes. This book is no exception, we got huge 2 page illustrations were you just can keep on looking and finding new things. 🙂

All in all, this is one book I would recommend to everyone. Great main character, great story and lovely ending.


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