Review for Iggy & Me and the New Baby

Review for Iggy & Me and the New Baby

20936396Another wonderful Iggy & Me book, this time about babies, new teachers, a fair, and more!

This book was really fun, each of the books has a theme. We have had a birthday, a vacation, and now babies! And not just baby humans, oh no, also animals. It is quite a big thing, Iggy, the little sister of Flo, really wants her parents to get another baby, of course her parents don’t want another one, they are perfectly pleased with Iggy and Flo. I really laughed quite a bit at how Iggy was trying anything, and everything to get her parents to say yes. And how disappointed she was, and how she just couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t want one.

The book also is about Iggy’s new teacher. Yes, Iggy’s normal teacher is off to do something, something that has to do with the theme of the book. Of course Iggy is worried, I know how it feels to have something you are so used to seeing, someone you really care about, leave for a bit, and having to deal with something new and exciting. I really think the author did a great job on both Iggy’s fear, and also on the new teacher.

At times I found Iggy to be a bit obnoxious, a bit too pushy, but lucky her parents are always there to tell her no, or to help her guide in the ways of being less annoying/obnoxious. I have noticed that Iggy gets better in each book in this series.

I do wonder how makes up these blurbs. I was really looking forward to the Auntie Kate telling a secret, but then it didn’t happen until page 125. Now I hear you say, oh, that is not too good, but there are still enough pages left, not? Yes, 40 pages left to talk about something that is mentioned in the blurb. 😐 It was a real shame, I kept looking forward to that part, since it seemed such a big deal. 🙁 And we even do a time skip, because, yeah, that is what happens if you put an important event like this at the end of the book. Also of course it gets rushed, instead of all the excitement that Iggy has throughout the book about babies, the excitement I was looking forward to seeing when Kate would get her secret, the secret happens, and that is it. Nothing about Iggy rushing around school, or to friends, or to strangers to tell about it. Really a shame. -1 star for that.

But in overall this book was really great and I am happy I found it at the library. I do hope to one day find book 1, since I am quite curious what the theme is in that one.

The illustrations are still really cute and really fit this book.

All in all, I would really recommend this book. I think it is perfect for kids who are curious about getting a brother or a sister, or who are anxious for getting a new teacher. Iggy and Flo are great together and there is quite a lot of explaining about how babies work, how adoption works, on the worries of growing. I think kids will love this one, and adults, well I think they will love it as well, as it will remind them of when they were kids and had the same worries. 🙂


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